What is J2? It’s us – James and Jay! We believe that our complementary backgrounds will provide small businesses the perfect guidance to create a user-friendly and easily manageable website.

Who is James?

I am the practical one. In 2012, I graduated from UCSB with a B.A. in physical anthropology and Spanish. In short, I memorized bones and read depressing literature. Sounds fun, huh? (It was, actually!) So what am I doing trying to make practical websites? For me, that’s a three-part answer:

  1. I’ve never officially studied website design, so chances are I’m just like you (and just like most of your customers, too). I know what it’s like to be an everyday web user and how frustrating bad websites can be. Sometimes they just make no sense at all.
  2. People don’t give social science majors enough credit! Without going on too long of a diatribe: we learn a much wider variety of skills than more specialized fields of study. You could hire a regular “tech guy” with a degree in computer science…but that doesn’t mean he can spell. Let’s just say that my main contributions to J2 are my strong editorial and analytical skills.
  3. At Jay’s suggestion, after graduation I began teaching myself the complex computer magic that goes on in the background. I feel grounded by having studied other fields and going through the whole college experience. I know to take anything I learn about web design with a grain of salt. Things aren’t always set in stone – we’ll help you get your website just how you’d like it.


Who is Jay?

I am the creative one. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, I endeavored in building my first successful business when I was a junior in high school. This led to opportunities that has given me practical experience in varied environments. Besides having had consulting clients of every size from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses and private residences, I have held director and c-level positions for a high school, technology consulting firm and payment processor.

Over 15 years later, with a strong background in marketing and technology, I am truly talented in integrating your business’s online presence with its “real-life” presence. Nowadays, they are basically the same thing! Utilizing my past experiences and growing up in a restaurant-owning family, I can help you bridge your services with effective online exposure. Wanting to sell online products? Have no fear, my experience in the payments industry has given me the unique behind-the-scenes knowledge to help you navigate the online pitfalls that challenge e-commerce sites.

Over the years, I also inspired James to start working alongside me on various smaller projects, and now we are beginning this J2 endeavor together. I’m the creative one because I can quickly generate many possible solutions for your business online. James’s practicality helps me to see and implement other points of view.

Concerned we are only a 2-person team?

Have no fear, we have close relationships with strategic partners that cover everything from graphic design to professional photography to programming. We’ll let you know if your needs will require this within the proposal, so there will be no surprises!