Premium Concierge

We believe in a concierge design concept. This doesn’t mean we want to handle your luggage and make event reservations for you! However, we will handle all of the busy work necessary to build and maintain your website. It’s important that you focus on operating and growing your business – you shouldn’t have to worry about 404 errors or adding the latest promotion to your home page.

Our process in building a website is pretty simple. After a short meeting with you, we’ll present a couple of concepts. Once we have a plan in place, we’ll push forward in developing the site. Depending upon your needs, we can offer photographic, graphic design, and copy editing services.

Our hope is that you will love working with us and will want to continue with a maintenance plan. Here are some examples of our current maintenance relationships:

  • An e-commerce client will email us photos and descriptions of new products. We’ll add them to the shopping cart and ensure that everything is properly coded for a great buying experience.
  • A services consultant will email us about new events. We’ll add promotions on the website highlighting it as well as adding it to the events page. At the same time, we’ll ensure that past events are removed.

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