Our maintenance plans are offered to clients which have built sites through us. They allow you to focus on growing and operating your business and not having to worry about updating your website.

We currently offer two plans:

Gold Maintenance – $49.95 per month

  • Up to 5 page/post updates weekly. Simply email us the content (text, web-compliant photo, or web-complaint video files) to be updated and we’ll implement it on your website. Changes will be implemented within 96 hours.
  • All necessary website software updates will be installed on a weekly basis. Major platform security fixes (such as for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) will be implemented within 24 hours of final release.
  • Google PageRank check will be performed monthly.

Platinum Maintenance – $149.95 per month

  • Includes all services listed in the Gold Concierge plan.
  • Number of page/post updates is increased to maximum of 10 per week.
  • Page updates are implemented within 24 hours.
  • Website speed and security checks will be performed on a weekly basis. Fixes will be implemented when possible. Otherwise, recommendations to address issues will be given.