The process to actually get a site launched can seem daunting since there is so much confusing sales information out there. Here’s the basic process:

  1. Register your domain
    Register a domain through a registrar such as Hover, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or Think of this being like getting a license for that domain name (e.g. By registering the domain through a registrar, you are paying to ensure that everything involved with gets routed to our web host.
  2. Sign up with a web host provider
    With a domain name in hand, you will then need to get a web host. As noted on our Concierge Hosting page, J2websites offers web hosting services. We also recommend a couple of web hosts here.
  3. Update name server with registrar
    Now all you need to do is tell your domain registrar (step #1) to what web host (step #2) to send your traffic. We’ll send you personalized instructions on how to do this. After you complete this process, it may take as little as a minute or as long as 48 hours to properly tell the main servers around the globe that your domain exists.
  4. Build your website

If these steps still sound daunting, then contact us and we can handle the entire process for you.