The design elements used to create a website’s style, layout, and overall “feel” is just as complicated as designing the interior of your business at its physical location. Below are the three websites in our Sample Site Showcase – one each for a fictional restaurant, services(?), and retailer.

Sample Restaurant Site

The Kiyonaga family owns a small, family-run, sushi restaurant. They want their restaurant’s website to be clean, clear, and modern. How can the Kiyonagas avoid a cold, utilitarian website and instead create a virtual space that reflects their menu and hospitality?

See how we’d help the Kiyonagas rock and roll.

Jane Doe is the new head attorney at the local law office and she’s decided it’s time for an overhaul on their stuffy and cluttered website. She wants a clean, professional homepage that more clearly communicates the office’s services to their clients. How can Jane create a confident online presence that’s useful to prospective clients without being too cluttered?

(little thumbnail of the scale of justice or something) See how we’d win this case for Jane. (this is the link to the sample services site)

John Doe is a goofy guy, but he has always been serious about two things: fitness and pets! He wants the website for his new healthy pet food boutique to combine these two passions perfectly. How can John create a fun and friendly site for pet-lovers while showing how concerned he is about the health of his customers’ pets?

(little thumbnail of a dog and cat face or something) See how we’d make sure John doesn’t step in it. (this is the link to the sample services site)